How to make friends abroad

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Deciding to go abroad for some time to pursue an internship in a different environment and broaden one’s horizon often means leaving a whole other worlds back at home – friends, family etc. Many interns have their doubts and fear being alone in another country. Therefore, we thought about five possible ways to make friends abroad.

For Barcelona – I can assure everyone – there is no reason to have doubts whatsoever. You are not alone here. Beside you, there are many exchange students, international interns and emigrants on the same hunt for friends as you are. There is only one secret ingredient to your success: be open!

So where are you going to make your new friends? Here are five opportunities you should take:

1. Intern Meeting

Sí-internships is mediating internships for many interns. Once a month, we organize a meetup, to listen to everyone’s experiences and adventures during their time abroad. Take part in this meeting, get to know other interns and exchange numbers to meet again.

2. Take Trips

Living in a time of social media there are already many facebook pages, on which people organize trips to the rural areas surrounding Barcelona. This is an opportunity many Barcelona -„visitors“ take to meet other people and add some incredible travel experiences to their time abroad. Just look for groups involving Barcelona in its name and sharpen you pencils to mark events in your calendar.




Make friends during intern meetings
Get to know people at our intern meetings


Make new friends at sports.
Participate in sports activities and make new friends there


3. On the Apartment Hunt

You are brand-new in Barcelona and still on the look-out for an apartment? Great! Contact those who are willing to rent a room – especially students in a bigger apartment usually have something like a roommate-casting. Of course you will have some competition for the room, but who knows – the people you are competing with, might get your travel buddies is no time and if you are successful you will get the room as a benefit on top.

4. Sports

Did you recognize how many different groups meet up for yoga, running, beach volleyball or circuit training at the beach or in Barcelona’s parks? Take the chance to talk to them. They probably have a trainer, who can give you more information on how often they meet and where. It is most definitely a great way to work on your beach body while getting to know people with whom you can actually spend the day at the beach afterwards.



5. Languages Class

You are in Barcelona, but your Spanish is still a bit rusty. Take a Spanish class. You get to improve your skills, which you need day by day anyway and also get the chance to meet people from all over the world, who are new in Barcelona too.


Make new friends
Make new friends at a language school