Former interns share their experiences


Sophia, an unforgettable time in Barcelona

Sophia took the chance to do a 5-month internship in Barcelona. What she probably will miss the most: “In Germany, where I am from, I am usually more of a lazy person. I tend to spend my days at home and do nothing exciting. Here, things just happen to me. My weekly schedule is full of meetings with friends, cultural and culinary experiences. I’m always on the road, getting new impressions. And making friends is really easy here. You get to know people by going out with your flat mates. The intern-meetings are also nice to make friends with other interns, because they are all in the same situation. People are so open minded, you can even make friends at the beach or in the streets.”

Anja from Germany, her summer in Barcelona

We talked with Anja about career opportunities after her internship ends. “During an internship abroad you gain a lot of experience and get a lot more independent because you have to face challenges alone in a new environment. Furthermore, you can improve your language skills. I have the chance to work in a very international working environment, that will help me to understand different working methods and cultures. Nowadays it is really important to understand working procedures from all around the world: You understand to be more patient and open-minded. Also it is very interesting to see how important collaboration is in the modern business world. I can highly recommend to do an internship in Barcelona.”


Midori and her time in this beautiful city

“I worked for a cultural city guide for 2 months and did around 20 hours per week. It is a small company that publishes ten magazine editions per year about events and venues in Barcelona, plus a website and smartphone app. My supervisor was also very kind and flexible with the schedule. The workload was just enough to keep me busy. I was able to write around 7 articles per day and get to know Barcelona’s urban life. Overall, it was such an amazing opportunity to be able to go to Barcelona and actually spend two months doing two of my favorite things: writing and exploring. I don’t think I’ve ever walked as much as I did in this city; it was never boring to take an afternoon stroll.

Derek about his favourite places

“The Parc de la Ciutadella and the Arc de Triomf are my favourite places in Barcelona. Also, I really like the Bunkers del Carmel and the many bars around the metro station Jaume 1. Moreover, I enjoyed the event Brunch Electronik in Poble Espanyol. And, of course, one of my favourite places is the beach near the volleyball fields. As an intern, you get to know the daily life in Barcelona and experience more than just the beach. Also, as an intern you can get to know to the Spanish people and you see Barcelona as a home and not just a holiday destination. After a while, you really know the city well and also the right places to go. Enjoy!”

Jule about her Marketing internship

“The company I’m working in is operating an online-platform for models and photographers. I really loved to work together with the other interns. We were about six interns and spend most of the time at work and go out on the weekends, or even after our working days. We all came from different countries which was exciting and I really think I’ve learned something about different cultures. Besides that, the working atmosphere was good. I really love fashion, so I loved to read through all fashion magazines and blogs as a part of my researches. I loved the feeling of doing something creative.

Internship in Barcelona - Marketing