Dear Sí-Customer,
Thanks for your interest in doing an internship in Barcelona.
The following terms of use apply to all participants who make use of the services provided by Sí Therefore please read our General Terms and Conditions with care before accepting and signing the contract.

§ 1 Applicability
Contractual Partners of this Placement Contract are the applicant and the placement agency Sí-internships based in Barcelona, Spain. Contractual Partners of contracts that were arranged by Sí-internships (Insurance, Flight, Language Course, etc.) are solely the applicant and the company recommended by Sí-internships.

§ 2 Conclusion of Contract
Upon registering the applicant concludes a binding agreement with Sí-internships on a Placement Contract.
Acceptance by Sí-internships is the submitted in written form (also via email).

§ 3 Subject of the Contract, Program Matters
Subject of the contract is the current service package offered by Sí-internships. The program matters can be found on the Internet website
Not included in the programs are: travel arrangements and the herewith arising obligations and rights against the travel agency, Visa fees, accommodation costs, food and insurance, daily transport costs to the working place.

§ 4 Internship Agreement
Relations between the applicant and the company offering the arranged internship are defined by a separate internship agreement.

§ 5 Placement Procedure
Placement procedure by Sí-internships starts after a detailed telephone interview with the applicant and upon receiving the signed agreement.
In principle, placement will be concluded after 3 months at the latest. In case the applicant refuses the first offer, a second placement attempt can be started (after consultation with the applicant about the refusal reasons).
In case of the acceptance of a second placement attempt by Sí-internships the placement will be concluded within 6 weeks. In case of the acceptance of the application by Sí-internships the placement contract is conducted for a period of 3 months, regardless of the desired internship start.
If Sí-internships receives the application less than 3 months prior to the desired starting date of the internship, a placement in time cannot be guaranteed.
In this case Sí-internships only falls behind the placement service 3 months after receipt of the application. If the placement procedure is finished within these 3 months, Sí-internships will stay entitled to consideration.

§ 6 Settlement, Payment and Cancellation
Sí-internships charges a placement fee for the respective service package. The respective fee -depending on the chosen service package – is payable after a successful placement. Payment of the fee needs to be carried out immediately after the first internship offer.
Should the applicant decline this first offer, an alternative internship position will be offered. Further placement services of the service package will be conducted after receipt of the payment.
A cancellation after a binding registration is generally possible. The cancellation has to be submitted in written form (also via e-mail). The applicant has the right to withdraw from the contract if Sí-internships cannot offer an internship position – as requested on the registration form – within 3 months after receipt of the registration and Sí-internships falls behind with the services.
If the applicant withdraws from the contract after a successful placement / accommodation organization / language course by Sí-internships, the total amount is due.
Sí-internships reserves the right to remit part of the placement fee if the applicant should not be able to start the internship through no fault of his/ her own.

§ 7 Internship change
If the internship position found by Sí-internships should not fulfil the requirements defined in the internship agreement,Sí-internships is willing to mediate between the two parties, it is, however, not obliged to do so.
In principle, one internship change is possible if the contractual relationship between the applicant and the company cannot be preserved. Should an internship change not be possible due to special requirements of the desired internship position, the applicant will be made aware of this in the contract. A second change of the internship position is excluded.
§ 8 Internship description
All described internship vacancies, respectively offers, are based on the respective company descriptions. Information provided in the internship descriptions are current and without guarantee.
Sí-internships may make changes at short notice..

§ 8 Limitation of Liability
Sí-internships is not liable for the services between the applicant and the arranged companies. The company is only liable in case of gross negligence and intent.
Furthermore, Sí-internships excludes liability for events that are not in its field of responsibility (e.g. granting of loans, insurance benefits, etc.)
All activities before, during and after the stay (including activities within the limits of Sí-internships) are undertaken at the applicant‘s own risk. Every applicant has to have sufficient health, liability and accident insurance for the duration of his/her internship and stay abroad.

Additionally, Sí-internships is not liable for damage done by third parties, particularly general traffic, crime and life risks.
Furthermore, the applicant exempts associate offices of Sí-internships from potential claims of damages by third parties caused by the applicant during his/her stay abroad. The applicant is responsible for fulfilling the respective country‘s entry requirements (Visa). If the visa is not granted or issued in time, the applicant bears all emerging costs (e.g. the placement fee, cancellation or rebooking fees for the flight). We also explicitly point out that a change of the internship is only possible once and that associate offices have the right to exclude the applicant from further services in case of gross offences against the code of conduct of the company providing the internship or of Sí-internships.
Sí-internships and its employees are exempted from all liability.