Internship Programs (4-52 Weeks)

Doing an internship in Barcelona means grabbing the opportunity to get to know both, innovative working methods and a foreign daily schedule of an international city. The curiosity and the courage of daring this step are going to be rewarded.


  • Placement in internship positions all around Barcelona
  • Various working fields and branches
  • Fast and individual placement
  • Contact Office in the City Centre
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • Accommodation opportunities with other international students and travellers
  • Language School programmes
  • Combination of internship and language course
  • Monthly intern meeting and newsletter
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    Language Course

    You always wanted to live and work in Barcelona for a certain period of time but unfortunately you can’t speak Spanish? You discovered an awesome internship opportunity – but you’re questioning whether there are still some language skills from schooldays left?

    Ningún problema: You’ll have the possibility to attend a Spanish language course on site. Therefore you have the following two options:
    * Arrive some weeks before your internship is about to start and participate in an Intensive Language Course (approx. 20-30h per week): so you can get used to both the new language and the foreign environment from the very beginning – when your first day of work will finally arrive you’ll be much more confident and won’t have to worry about language barriers.
    * There’s just a limited amount of time you have for interning in Spain? Take the chance to participate in an evening class alongside your internship – so you can practise with your colleagues during the day and with your class mates at night: concentrated, but effective.

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    Combined Programs (Internship & Language Course)

    You would like to do an internship and also improve your Spanish skills?
    No problem at all. You can easily combine both.

    Some interns arrive some weeks earlier, so they have the chance to get to know Barcelona while doing a Spanish intensive course. Besides you can get to know nice people from all over the world.

    You do not have the chance to come earlier. No worries! We do offer an evening class two times a week. You can either do this course for 4 or 8 weeks or for the whole stay in Barcelona.

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    Every candidate has to hand in a CV and Motivation Letter in the English language. Furthermore, by interviewing every applicant at the beginning of the placement process, we make sure that we know you well enough to find a perfect position for you. Our search is very individual and depends on your ideas and requirements.

    Starting Date

    You can decide on which day you would like to start with your internship or language course. We will present your dates to the companies and to the language school and they will adapt to your dates. If your are flexible it is always an advantage, but do not worry: Our team will advice you which dates are best to choose.

    Placement Fees

    For a successful internship placement we will charge a fee for our services. We offer different kind of packages or also just the mediation of the suitable internship. As we have been interns and travellers ourselves, we know that students always live on a low budget, that is why we try to keep fees as low as possible. Ask for our price list.