Your Career Opportunities


Being one of the most famous metropolis of Europe, the Catalan capital offers a wide range of opportunities for all kinds of students and young professionals gathering some work experience:

  • Administration
  • Customer Service 
  • Marketing
  • Journalism
  • Media/Communication
  • Sales
  • Real Estate
  • Child-Care
  • Social Work
  • Business Development
  • Finance
  • Law
  • Design
  • Travel & Tourism
  • IT/Web Design
  • Human Resources
  • Events Planning
  • Engineering
  • Arts & Culture
  • Fashion
  • Software Engineering

Why Barcelona?


Doing an internship in Barcelona means grabbing the opportunity to get to know both, innovative working methods and a foreign daily schedule of an international city. The curiosity and the courage of daring this step are going to be rewarded.

Experience life in the charming city of Barcelona, get to know the locals, talk to random people, make friends with the owner of your favourite café – take up the joy and challenge of an internship in Barcelona.

Live and work in a city which is a top destination for thousands of tourists every year: go for a swim in the ocean after work, go surfing at the Costa Brava or hiking in the mountains on your weekends, do a one-day-trip to the beautiful Sitges or maybe to Madrid – Barcelona is the entrance to so many things!

Your next STEP >>

If you are interested in our placement service, just register or drop us an inquiry. We are happy to send you our internship offers. Every request is handled individually, so we will propose placements that fit your requirements. It is always very helpful to send us your CV and your Motivation Letter at first, so we directly get to know you. Then we can easily provide suitable information and current offers. Up to here the inquiry is non-binding and without any costs. When you like the internship offer, we ask you to send us the signed application form. Once received we start with the presentation of your application to the company.