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Normally you cannot expect a paid internship. Only in some exceptions a small pocket money or transport or lunch costs are paid. You should not count on that and consider that in your budget.
Barcelona is like any other tourist-populated city, you should take good care of your valuables, especially at the beach and in the city centre. You will get advice which places are to avoid at night once you arrive in Barcelona.
Without any problems you can take out money in Barcelona. Please speak to your bank at home, they can you give information about the fees you might have to pay.
Normally there is WIFI in every shared flat. If not there are many Wifi “Hot-Spots in the city, even at the beach.
The costs of living naturally also depend on your lifestyle. You can expect to pay for a room in the centre about 350- 450€ and about 300€ more for food and other expenses.
Barcelona has a really good public transport system. You should not have any problems to get around. We will also explain how the system works.
Yes, you can also apply for an internship in Barcelona. We provide internships where only English is required. You should, however, not forget that Spanish is the official language.
Our Sí-internships team is working hard on your application. Once the company and you confirmed the placement and signed an agreement we are going to invoice you for our services. You can only start your internship or language course when we received your payment. For more information on our prices and refund policy please contact us.
Sí-internships knows all host companies and visited them during the last years, so normally we have a good relation with our hosts and don´t expect any problems. Anyway if you are not happy, please contact us immediately. We will evaluate the situation and will help you finding a solution.