What kind of internships are possible in Barcelona?

There are a lot of internship offers in a wide variety of fields in Barcelona. But which are the most popular ones and how can you find the perfect internship for you?

We analyzed data from our internship placements of the last five years and, no surprise: Marketing, Social Media and sectors like Public Relations and Communication are long runners, far followed by Business Development, Finance and Consulting. Clearly this shows how important public appearances have become and what a great focus lies on standing out, in being unique in the never ending business competition. The relevance of being present online and maintaining contact with customers should not be underestimated and that’s why many companies are happy to welcome young interns bringing new ideas and experiences into their team.

Since Barcelona is a growing international metropolis with innovative startups and big enterprises working on a worldwide level, the internship offers mostly include English as working language enabling students from all around the globe to make first steps into their future job world.

There are numerous opportunities for creative internships, for example in the areas of Fashion or Design, since style and artistic crafts are part of the everyday life in the fashionable city of Barcelona where great architecture and artwork can be found all around.

Further on Social and Charity Work offer many-sided internships in Kindergartens or NGOs where interns can contribute to the tomorrow world. As you can imagine the fields of Tourism and Real Estate Management are great opportunities for interns interested in the hospitality sector to gain first work experiences since Barcelona’s excellent location at the sea makes it a popular destination for tourists and immigrants. Going along with this, different internships in Journalism or Translation open up due to Barcelona’s internationality and since there is always something interesting going on.

Most of the companies in Barcelona are striving to find interns who are in their studies and need to complete a mandatory internship since these have a thirst for knowledge and it simplifies the whole internship process. Therefore it’s quite uncommon to have a paid internship but it’s possible in individual cases.

One thing is for sure: Barcelona offers an innumerable variety of internships!

Your field of interest hasn’t been mentioned and you are not sure if you can find an internship that meets you interests? Then get in touch with us, we have many more opportunities to find a suitable internship for you.