Internship Abroad – a Different Way of Compensation

You are seeking for an internship but already are studying in the field you want to work in and feel you should be compensated for your efforts? You are going to be – but not in the way you think!

Finding an internship abroad is not as easy as finding something in your home country. Your application needs to fit the countries’ standard, and companies are sometimes cautious because they fear the cultural difference might harm the collaboration or language borders might give them struggles.

With a mediation agency between you and your future boss you can avoid the hassle. Not only do you get help with your application but benefit from the agencies network, receive useful tips for your interview and can be sure that you don’t end up in a company where you are responsible for a good cup of coffee – only exception is probably an internship at a restaurant.

You will get the opportunity to lay hands on and gain practical experience in your field of choice, while integrating yourself into a new intercultural work environment. Of course your training will take some weeks but as your colleagues will take the time to assist you with any questions you will certainly not be lost and benefit from your work results.

Furthermore you will gain credits for you compulsory internship at your university and also will receive a certificate from your company.

Therefore an internship abroad not only improves your own interpersonal skill-set, helping you to deal with people from different cultural backgrounds, but improves your foreign language skills and broadens your horizon by getting to know the everyday work and life in a different country. Besides upgrading yourself to YOU 2.0 with lots of new experiences and skills, you will probably improve your chances for your future career, gain memories for a lifetime and get to know people from all over the world.