Bildungsurlaub in language school in Barcelona

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In today’s world of work it’s not enough to keep working on the same level of knowledge all the time since knowledge becomes outdated and new things to consider keep coming up. Technological, organizational and communicative skills need to be constantly updated and expanded in order to keep up with the quickly changing environment we live in. Due to that Germany has decided to enable employees to educate themselves further without using their free or work time. This is called ‘Bildungsurlaub’.

You have never heard of ‘Bildungsurlaub’ before? Then listen up!
Bildungsurlaub is described as days on which employees are exempted by their employer, almost like a holiday, so that they can use this time to educate themselves further. The special thing about this: The employee will still be paid.

Almost every German state (except Bavaria and Saxony) has got a law especially for Bildungsurlaub by now. This might also be the tricky part since therefore every state has its own regulations regarding the period of time and the institutions which are accredited for the Bildungsurlaub. The usual time period involves one week. It’s important to know that the state of your workplace is the state which defines the regulations for your personal Bildungsurlaub and not the state of your residence.

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We are currently having a cooperation with a professional language school in Barcelona which is an accredited school for Bildungsurlaub in Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, Saarland, Lower Saxory and Brandenburg. They offer a one week Spanish course of 30 hours a week in which the employees can educate themselves on different levels of Spanish ranging from A1 to C2 and meanwhile enjoy the Catalan metropolis. You are probably wondering how Spanish is linked to your job in Germany. That’s another great thing about Bildungsurlaub: no connection to your job or profession is required! This enables you to choose whatever option you like best.

We recommend the Spanish course in Barcelona to everyone who wants to learn Spanish and to get to know life in one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe: Barcelona. The courses have a  maximum of 10 participants which enables you to interact and learn by speaking. Not only can you enjoy the beach after your Spanish class from Monday to Friday but you also receive a welcome pack and the Spanish course book on-site, furthermore you have a 24/7 emergency assistance and you get a lot of help for orientation in the city.

So don’t hesitate, check your right for Bildungsurlaub and come to sunny Barcelona for your personal Spanish course!