How to impress with your CV: 5 Things to Consider When Writing a Professional CV

Have you already followed the the do´s and dont´s for writing a professional CV? 5 Things to consider when writing a CV for an internship in Barcelona will help you to finalize your perfect CV.
  1. Honesty
    Always stay with the truth and only mention the companies you have worked with, the degrees you have completed and the universities you have visited. Future employers and host companies might ask for certificates and references during the application process. It is not necessary to include this information in the CV but you should be prepared.
  2. Stick to the most important information
    Too much information will make it difficult for the reader to perceive the relevant information. Experts recommend using a lot of white space, to concentrate on the relevant and to refrain from filling words like “Address:”, “Telephone:” or “Email address:”.
  3. Format, Structure
    The CV should have a constant formatting. This includes not only that the CV should have the same font family and size, but also how the date is written. In addition, you should avoid older fonts such as “Times New Roman” and rather choose a young, sans serif font like “Calibri” or “Arial” with a font size of 10 to 12 point. Indents should be the same throughout the document. We recommend you to use the Tab key (↹). Tables should be avoided nowadays, as companies often work with recruiting software that automatically scans CVs. It would be a real pity if you have an interesting CV, but the HR cannot contact you because of missing contact data which has not been read properly by the software.
  4. Your Social Media Profiles
    Check your Social Media profiles constantly. You were on a bachelor’s party yesterday? Check how your profile looks like for the HR manager. Log out of your Facebook account and then visit your profile. Do you have professional social media profiles like LinkedIn or XING? You are welcome to add them. Be careful, however, that these are up-to-date.
  5. Maximum size
    Finally, make sure that your CV is a maximum of two pages, better one page long. All content more than that is often not read by the HR staff.

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Your Sí-internships team