Kai about his internship in Barcelona

We meet Kai in a small park in Poblenou to talk about his experiences he has made as an intern in Marketing & Business Development in Barcelona. His 10-week internship is slowly coming to an end but he still wants to enjoy his time left in the sunny Catalan capital.
He explains that he became aware of the idea of an internship placement via his university. Since his studies involve a mandatory internship. The placement process worked out very well and quite quickly and he happily talks about his internship in Barcelona.

When asked what he likes best about Barcelona Kai directly mentions the way of living: “The lifestyle here is simply different from the one in Germany. People are more carefree and relaxed about things in general.

And of course the city has a lot to offer: Beach, party, cool bars on each corner and all the different street festivals with live music. “There’s always and everywhere something going on, you just have to get out of the door and off you go.”

Kai is completing his internship in an international marketing network which supports companies worldwide in optimizing their marketing concepts and strategies. “My tasks during the internship are very diverse, I take care of the social media content of the company, answer many emails, take care of customer concerns and our partners and take on many other tasks that arise on a daily basis. We are for example currently planning an annual meeting in Greece with our business partners worldwide. So my days at work are very versatile and definitely interesting, the work itself is very uncomplicated. The boss has clear ideas and you have to stick to these, through his numerous experiences, for example in the field of marketing, you can learn and take a lot with you for your future working life.

Kai lives in a shared flat with 7 other international students and interns, so it never gets boring. “There is always something going on and through the flat I was able to get to know many new people through friends of friends of my roommates and so on. I already had friends who live here in Barcelona and of course I made many trips with my fellow interns of the company. You can meet new people here so quickly, it’s great, everyone’s open and it happens quite often that someone just starts to talk to you on the streets.”

Kai has experienced many things during his internship and he has numerous tips for everyone coming to Barcelona, whether as a tourist or intern: “What I can only recommend is to do a bus tour in Barcelona. I even did two or three bus tours, you just see so many great places and sights in a short time, you wouldn’t be able to do everything on foot. What is particularly beautiful, of course, are the bunkers El-Carmel. Looking at the city and the sea at sunset is simply unbeatable. Also the Montjuic and the castle on top should be visited during your stay. On Sundays you can even get into the castle for free, so it’s worth it. What you should definitely try are the Rooftop Bars, there are many of them in Barcelona and you usually come in for free to have a great view over the roofs of the city while enjoying a nice drink”.

All in all Kai definitely has had a great time already which he especially used to get to know the country, the city and the people of Barcelona. We hope he will continue to have so much fun during the rest off his internship and are happy to hear from him soon again!


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