Going Across the Big Pond

Experiencing Barcelona from Wendy’s Point of View

When Wendy arrived in Barcelona 3 words came to her mind describing her first impression of the city: “amazing, multicultural and complete – that’s because you’ve literally got everything here!” And Barcelona didn’t disappoint her at all that’s why – SPOILER ALERT – she stayed in Barcelona after her internship and is still, up to this day, living here!

Preparation is Key

Since going abroad means leaving your comfort zone and dealing with uncertainty she did have some doubts before she took the step to go abroad: “It was my first time abroad, my first time without my family, and it was the first time on an airplane. However, my doubts turned out to be unnecessary. I got a lot of support from Sí-internships as well as from my colleagues at work.”

To make the start in Barcelona a little easier she tried to prepare as well as she could and, for example practiced her English. Moreover, she read a lot about the city and its culture and rented a room beforehand since a friend of hers recommended an agency to her.

About the Internship

Wendy worked in a big company with a multicultural workforce that aims to convey luxury hotels. In the office, she worked with colleagues from Germany, Russia, Italy, France, England, the USA and many countries more. “I was part of the Marketing department, where I was in charge of the correspondence with hotels. Moreover, I did some administrative tasks, like answering emails and phone-calls but I also supported negotiations with new hotels and I was responsible for the parity of prices.” What she enjoyed most about her internship was the multicultural workforce. Moreover, she appreciated the rapid improvement of her English. Although, in the beginning, she felt like her tasks at work didn’t challenge her that much she made the experience that, after some weeks, they did get more important and challenging.


What To Do in Your Spare Time

It was really easy for Wendy to make friends in Barcelona. “The people here are very open-minded, very friendly and communicative. Furthermore, I share my flat with very nice Latinos, which I really like!” With her friends she loved going to the karaoke bar. In addition, she also liked strolling around the area of Barceloneta, watching the Magic Fountains, as well as going to the Parc de la Ciutadella for running or for walking around.

Wendy’s Conclusion

Wend really enjoyed living in Barcelona and tells me that the city really feels like home to her! “I love the people, the places, the food, and simply everything. It’s so different to my hometown and I think I will just stay here forever!