From Cold Hamburg to Sunny Barcelona

Dorian’s 10 Week Marketing and Business Development Internship

Internship in Barcleona


I am meeting Dorian at the Bambu Beach Bar right at the beach of Barcelona. He studies International Management in Hamburg and is currently doing a 10 week-long internship at a Marketing network in sunny Barcelona. At the very beginning he was uncertain about his internship as he had already completed other internships in the field of Marketing. Yet, Dorian noticed very quickly that this internship was something completely different. But let’s start from the beginning:

Finding an Internship via Sí-internships

“It is part of my studies to do an internship abroad. That’s why I started applying for potential positions very early.” But over and over something was missing and finding a suitable position became more of a torture. As Dorian had to start in March and as it was already January “suddenly there was a lot of pressure. In the worst case I would have had to study for another semester”. So Dorian contacted Sí-internships where a suitable internship was found for him. “I actually didn’t want to do an internship in the field of Marketing as I had studied Marketing at my university for two semesters and had already completed internships in this field.” However, in the end, everything turned out well and Dorian is happy that he accepted doing this internship.

Working at World’s Largest Marketing Network

“Actually, my main task is not Marketing but rather Business Development”. Systematically, Dorian attempts to enlarge the company’s network by contacting agencies. He is especially enthusiastic when talking about the company’s CEO: “He is definitely one of the most interesting persons I’ve ever met. He is a real all-rounder, a real man of action. Because of him, I have learned what Marketing ‘really’ means and how it ‘actually’ works. You can’t learn something like this in a book or at a university course”. Moreover, great value is placed on personal development: “My boss takes time to find out and support every intern’s personal strengths. In addition, there will be a meeting at the end of the internship in which he will give me extensive individual feedback.”

Life in Barcelona

In Dorians first week in Barcelona he was living in a hostel in order to search a flat. “Unfortunately, all rooms did not quite meet my expectations.” That’s why Dorian asked Sí-internships for help. Thereupon, Sí-internships contacted an agency who organized a suitable room for him. Dorian now lives right in the center of Barcelona between the Ramblas and Plaza Catalunya and says “the location is great! It could not be better. It’s all brand new and I can easily reach any place.” In addition, Dorian takes classes at a language school, recommended by Sí-internships. Whether his Spanish has improved since then? “Definitely yes. The language school is perfect. It is brand new and modern, which means there are very few students so I’m in a class with just two other students. That’s almost like private lessons”.

Dorian’s Conclusion

“Barcelona is definitely a beautiful city where there is always something going on. There are so many ways to experience something here. In addition, the weather is simply great and a good contrast to the cold Hamburg.” When asked if Dorian would do the same thing again, he replies: “Yes, I’ve learned so many things here that I might not have learned anywhere else. I’m really happy that I got this internship through Sí-internships“.