Robin’s Gap Year Adventure in Barcelona

An Interview About Working at a Model Management Network


Living in Barcelona for half a year? Yes, please! That’s what Robin thought, too. At the moment, she’s taking a gap year after finishing high school and decided to spend parts of it doing an internship abroad. When she arrived, Robin immediately felt comfortable in the city and wasn’t homesick at all: “It’s a city that never sleeps, multicultural and the perfect mix of culture and beach: Barcelona has it all!”

She found her room with the help of an agency and is currently sharing a flat with 9 flatmates in the neighbourhood of Barceloneta. She loves living there: “Barceloneta is a great area! In winter and spring the streets were pretty calm here and I feel safe at all times.”

Working at a Model Management Network

Robin is interning at a company that is working in the field of model management. Worldwide, the network whose main task is to bring photographers in contact with models through its community which has more than 400.000 members. Moreover, the team working in the company’s headquarter consists of 12 people, 9 of which are interns! “I really like my team as all of us are in the same situation. Moreover, we’re a pretty international team which is really cool.” One of the best parts of her working day: the way to and back from work: “I was able to work alongside the port to work every day which became one of my daily rituals.

The main field she’s working in is Marketing. One of her tasks is managing their Facebook and Instagram for which she develops 3 posts per day. “I have a lot of freedom when it comes to work which I enjoy a lot. The only obligatory task is to create and discard customer files.” Moreover, she is responsible for looking at the models’ portraits and contact photographers to recommend models to them. An additional plus point: The company paid for an Online Marketing course which especially helped her during the introductory training.

Prior Expectations

Before coming to Barcelona, Robin didn’t really know what to expect. She initially wanted to work in the field of journalism but is happy that she worked in Marketing in the end: “Through the internship I now have a way better overview and only now understood what Marketing actually is really about.” Even though she doesn’t want to work in this field later in life she gained a lot of valuable experiences: “I can recommend doing an internship for a longer period of time. I needed at least 2-3 months in the beginning to get the hang of it. Only then I felt productive and felt like I was able to be helpful at work.”

What to Do Outside of Work?

After work, she went to Spanish class twice a week which she can definitely recommend to everyone. In general, she has already seen quite a lot of the city and has been to the Bunkers del Carmel and the Magic Fountain show which she really liked. Her favourite moments, however, were the the evenings when she sat on the beach with her friends watching the sunset, listening to music and drinking a glass of sangria.

After returning to Germany this summer, Robin is going to start studying European Law in the Netherlands this fall.