Laura’s First Steps into the Business World

What It’s Like to Intern at a Global Marketing Agency


Today, I accompanied Laura during her last day at the office to talk about the experiences and highlights of her time in Barcelona so far. She told me that she has always been in love with the sound of the Spanish language and that at school, Spanish was one of her favorite subjects. After her high school graduation, she decided that she wanted to develop her language skills further and to especially work on her pronunciation. The best way to learn a language? In the country of origin of course! Besides, Laura didn’t have any concrete plans or ideas for her professional future at that time. As some of her best friends from Menorca moved to Barcelona for their studies, Laura took the chance and decided to join them. Therefore, she had the opportunity to finally see her friends again after a long time, to improve her knowledge of the language and to take her first step into the working life at the same time.




“I can only recommend doing an internship in this amazing city – Barcelona is like a dream come true, a place so diverse and different that offers so many activities for everyone!”

About the internship

Laura did her internship in the field of Marketing and Communications in an agency, located a bit outside of the city. The company manages a huge marketing network which allows other companies to exchange knowledge and strategies. The aim of the agency is to support motivated, creative firms which are lacking international contacts. The firms in the network create a space for knowledge exchange. One of her daily tasks was to do research and to consult clients via email or phone. Additionally, she also managed the Social Media Marketing department and prepared market and competitor analyses. “Moreover, once a week, my supervisor gave us private lessons on Marketing techniques and methods. Within the few months I’ve been here, I was able to learn and profit a lot from him and his experience.” Once she was allowed to travel to Frankfurt for an international conference at a Marketing fair with her bosses. Both, the flights and the hotel were provided and paid for by the company. At the fair, she supported her supervisors with their PowerPoint presentations and picked up a lot of insider knowledge and tips from international marketing experts: “Those were some really exciting days!”

Her conclusion: “My internship in Barcelona helped me to discover more about myself, grow from challenges and pave my way for the future – my first steps into daily business couldn’t have been better!


Laura’s insider tips for you

“I simply love this city, particularly the warm and welcoming mentality of the Spanish people and the variety of events. Every day you can explore new things and there has not been a minute of boredom!” I asked her to reveal her favourite places and restaurants in Barcelona. Although the question is not an easy one to answer since there are so many beautiful spots all around the city, she was very passionate about the Bunkers del Carmel. “I went there very often with my friends to watch the sunset and to have a picnic together. Speaking of my favourite restaurant? Everyone raves about the various, small tapas bars in “El Born, El Gótico or El Raval”, but personally, I really, really love the Bacoa Burgers! You should definitely try them!”




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