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Warm-hearted welcomes and sad goodbyes

The tapas bar El 58 was the location of this month’s intern meeting. The restaurant is located right at the Rambla de Poblenou and just a few blocks away from our office. It’s known and loved for its typical Spanish food and drinks as well as its cozy atmosphere.

Once a month we meet up with all current interns in Barcelona – a tradition we have held up for quite a few years now at Sí-internships’ As always, the gathering is a great opportunity to get to know each other and exchange all of the stories and adventures everyone experiences in the city while enjoying some food and beverages.

The speciality of El 58 is that they don’t hand a traditional menu to you to choose from. Instead they write all the dishes they’re offering on a huge blackboard and put it next to your table. After going through all the tapas they offered we decided to share a variety of dishes like hummus, courgette and, of course, patatas bravas. In addition, they also make huge glasses of sangria garnished with little pieces of fruit – definitely worth a try!

This time we welcomed a new intern who had just arrived a couple of days before. She’s going to work in a kindergarten, also in the neighbourhood of Poblenou, to complete a mandatory internship for her study to become a teacher. It turned out that coming to the intern meeting was a great opportunity for her: one of our other interns who joined the gathering as well had just finished her internship in the same kindergarten. Therefore, our new intern was able to share her first impressions while receiving a lot of valuable information and advice at the same time.


Yet, this intern meeting also offered the chance to say goodbye to two of our interns who are going to return to Germany in a couple of days. Both of them told us that they are very sad about leaving because they enjoyed their time here so much. Crazy how time has flown by for both of them!

Thank you all for joining yesterday! We’re excited for next month’s intern meeting with all of the new interns arriving throughout March and April.

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