Intern Meeting in January – An Exciting Start into the New Year

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Yesterday, we had our monthly intern meeting at the La Luna Bar & Restaurant. While welcoming our new interns we had some nice copas of sangria and wine and delicious tapas.

It’s our tradition to meet up with all current interns staying in Barcelona to get to know each other and exchange all of the adventures we have experienced in the city so far while enjoying tasty food and beverages.

After getting lost on the way to the restaurant a couple of times all the interns made it in the end. The bar and restaurant is located in El Born, the favourite area in Barcelona of our intern Anna. A lot of buildings in this quarter, which belongs to the barrio La Ribera, can be dated back to Medieval times and is home to churches and museums but also man bars, cafés and boutiques making it one of the trendiest districts in the old city. It’s definitely worth a visit! The restaurant itself is super cozy and is decorated in a rustic way but definitely had a feel-good atmosphere to it.

We were offered a big and comfortable table in a corner of the restaurant that all nine of us could fit. La Luna offers a broad range of drinks and tapas for a very fair price and some of us shared big and super tasty carafes of sangria.

This month five new interns arrived in Barcelona, some of them even just a few days ago. Two of the interns have just started working in kindergartens across the city, one of them being a multilingual one. Another intern is now working as a marketing intern in the fashion industry while the other works as a communications intern at an international PR agency.

Everyone was very excited about sharing their experiences and were keen on asking the interns that have been here for a while about tips and tricks on what to do in the city. After talking about the first experiences at our internships and about our flatmates since most of us are living in big, international shared flats we decided that we definitely want to plan an activity together on the weekend.

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The intern meeting is a really great way to get to know people in Barcelona and make friends – especially in the beginning of being abroad.


Thank you all for joining yesterday! We’re excited for next month’s intern meeting!

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