Intern meeting in May – a sunny place to sit and enjoy!

A sunny place, Mexican food and great people

Who would say no to that? It‘s been two days since our intern meeting this month and we are still thinking about the great atmosphere, the nice company and the delicious food at FOC near la Barceloneta which made this Intern Meeting so nice.

Every month we meet up with our current interns in Barcelona to see how they are doing and hear all about their adventures in Barcelona (and of course to try a new restaurant and some tasty food). This month three new interns arrived in the sunny capital of Catalonia and we were really excited to welcome them at our intern meeting this Tuesday evening.

To have the sun shining in our faces while chatting about adventures abroad and enjoying some delicious treats, we chose the FOC near la Barceloneta as the place to be on Tuesday at 7pm. How convenient that every Tuesday is Taco Tuesday at FOC!

The sun was still bright and warm when everybody arrived and it already felt like a typical summer evening in Barcelona. Luckily we managed to grab a table in a cozy corner and started to make ourselves comfortable. With the menus in our hands to find the best meal for tonight we welcomed everybody and started chatting right away. We ordered and listened to all the interesting stories of all the interns. It doesn’t matter you came to Barcelona 2 days, 2 months or 2 years ago (Or if you are coming back every 2 months because of homesickness and wanderlust).

As the first fruity drinks that looked like a beach vacation arrived you could hear the glasses clinking and the atmosphere was more than relaxed. All we needed to make this meeting even better was the food. Luckily a picture paints a thousand words.

After filling our bellies with Mexican deliciousness we let the evening end with laughter and entertaining conversations. Thank you all for coming, it was great! It was a truly tasty Taco Tuesday at FOC with our interns in Barcelona – See you again next month for our summer party!

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