Internship in the field of Marketing

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Jule talks about her internship in Barcelona

Thinking about the time you have spend here – which three keywords come to your mind first?

Beach, Tapas, Party

Which doubts did you have before taking the step to go abroad?

I had doubts about managing my workday without speaking Spanish. Moreover, I had doubts about my internship itself. I though it could be boring and therefore my whole time here would be boring. As it turned out, it was quite the opposite and everything worked perfectly fine.

In which kind of company and in which field are you doing your internship?

The company I’m working in is operating an online-platform for models and photographers. The office is located near the port and besides me there are 5 other interns working there. My boss is a very nice and pleasant Englishmen so working language is usually English.

What are your specific tasks there?

My tasks are mostly in the field of social media. I’m running our German Facebook-Website and Instagram-account. Most of the time I was writing on articles for our company’s blog. Besides that, I needed to screen new models that have registered to our website. They can register on our website and upload their portfolio. Me and my colleagues look over it and decide if we admit them to our catalogue or not. Working there is fun and tasks are very versatile.

Could you describe your typical day here?

My accommodation was near to the office so I walked there everyday (laughs proudly) I started to work at 10 with the other interns and my boss usually arrived at 11. Usually we started with screening the models and than go over to the more creative tasks, like writing the articles. I really loved my colleagues and we spend every lunch break together. We all finished our workday at 5 pm so I had the time to spend one or two hours at the beach everyday.

What do you like most about your internship and what don ́t you like about it?

There is really nothing I can complain about. I really loved to work together with the other interns. We were about six interns and spend most of the time at work and go out on the weekends, or even after our working days. We all came from different countries which was exciting and I really think I’ve learned something about different cultures. Besides that, the working atmosphere was good. I really love fashion, so I loved to read through all fashion magazines and blogs as a part of my researches. I loved the feeling of doing something creative.

How did you find your accommodation?

I found my accommodation by a Facebook group named „C40 rooms 4 students Barcelona “. I just messaged the owner 2 weeks before my trip and he saved me a nice room in a flat near to Placa Catalunya.

Was it easy to meet other people in Barcelona for you? Did you even find some good friends?

Yes, it was really easy. I made friends with my flatmates right from the beginning, also with the other interns. Did you already take some Spanish courses before you arrived here? Or are you taking Spanish lessons now? I do not speak Spanish, because I just learned French in school,so I decided to go for a language course at speakeasy. The course was good, however everyone understands English so speaking Spanish is not necessarily needed in my everyday life here.

Do you have any helpful tips for incoming interns?

You really have to use your time here. Have an open mind for everything, to make the best of your time in Barcelona.





Internship in Barcelona - Marketing




Internship in Barcelona - Marketing





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