Internship in a jewelry store in Barcelona

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Magdalena from Germany talks about the experience she made, during her internship in Barcelona

What is even better than exploring a great city and experiencing a lot of great adventures? Yes! To talk about it and make others jealous!

Magdalena is one of our interns in Barcelona and has been there for two and a half months now. Today, I would like to know from Magdalena how the likes the company, the jewelry store, she works for, how her everyday life in Barcelona is and how she feels. I’m so curious what Magdalena has to say.
Magdalena has chosen a Vietnamese restaurant as a meeting place, the La Vietnameta, as it is one of her favourite restaurants in Barcelona and she absolutely wants to show it to me. We greet each other and it becomes clear right this second: Magdalena does not need time to get to know somebody. Magdalena sits on the opposite of me talking and bubbling about her internship and her life in Barcelona all dinner long.

Magdalena has been in Barcelona since the beginning of September – freshly after her final exams she flew away and was eager to see what the city of Tapas has to offer. She was only sweet 18 years old when she went on the plane to Barcelona and could not have been more excited.
To make her dream come true in Barcelona, she got help from the Sí-Internships team. “After my final exams, I wanted to do something different than Aupair or Work and Travel. I really wanted to go to Barcelona and I found the Sí-Internships team on the Internet! How lucky I was!”

She tells me about her internship in the jewelry store, where she feels at home. She shows me beautiful pictures of the jewelry she is allowed to make there and a handmade pair of earrings that she is wearing today – I am thrilled! (I was even allowed to look around the store – a must see for jewelry lovers)
Magdalena tells me that she and her colleagues are like girlfriends now and that they understand each other very well. I ask her about the language she speaks there in the shop and her answer amazes me: she almost only talks Spanish and has significantly improved her Spanish. Of course, she also speaks English with the customers, but with her colleagues only Spanish.

Then she tells me about her flat. Magdalena lived for two weeks near the Sagrada Familia in a two-person flat and from there she had to get daily to the jewelry studio in the El Born district. Relatively quickly she thought that her apartment was too far away from the shop and therefore she tried to find a new room in that area. On she found a room very quickly. Today she lives in a flat with 5 girls in the Portal del Angel and is more than satisfied. She lives close to her work but also very central. If you ask Magdalena, this area is ‘very dangerous for shopping’.

Then she tells me about her favorite places in Barcelona. She tells me stories about funny cocktail nights at the Creps al Born (her favorite bar) and all her nights out with great food in the numerous restaurants in el Born. She is enthusiastic about the clubs in Barcelona and the possibilities to go shopping here. She smiles all the time and it is so obvious: She really loves Barcelona!

She also tells me how happy she is that she came to Barcelona in the ‘sunny’ time of the year and has witnessed the ‘Merce’ festival. “An absolute highlight!”
There are free concerts, funny people and lot of fun. Aren’t you already jealous yet?
So on your suitcases, get ready, set and go to Barcelona!

Thank you Magdalena for the great evening and the wonderful stories about Barcelona!




Magdalena produced beautiful rings at her internship in Barcelona




Magdalena loved her internship in Barcelona.