Internship at a Travel Agency in Barcelona

Manuel from Austria did an internship at a Travel Agency in Barcelona and he loved it!

Thinking about the time you have been spending here – which three keywords come to your mind first?
Great people – great city – great food

What does “typically Spanish” mean to you?
The people are far more relaxed here and in general there is less stress. And of course the long nights are typically Spanish.

Did you have doubts before taking the step to do an internship in Barcelona? Why?
No not at all. I was only a little bit insecure about the food because I did not remember it well from previous vacations.

In which kind of company and field are you doing your internship?
I am doing my internship at a mediation agency for internships and volunteer work world wide. My responsibilities lie here within Customer Service and Marketing.

What are your favourite tasks there?
Actually I like nearly everything about my internship. But the best thing really is the direct contact with the clients. I like listening to their plans and expectations and giving them information fitting their needs.

Do you think your internship will help you to improve your career opportunities and how?
Maybe it won’t help improving my career opportunities but actually I do not really know what I want to do in professional regards in my future.
But for sure this internship was a really good insight in daily office business and working styles. But who knows what the future will bring.


Internship in Barcelona

Please describe your typical day here:
My typical day starts after getting up and getting ready with arriving at work between 8.45 and 9 am. First thing I check the newly received emails and answer them. This mostly takes time until lunch break at 1 pm as of course I have to answer the phone and check other things. Usually I spend my lunch break at the Organic Market right around the corner. And after the break I focus on new inquiries or writing the newsletter or whatever needs to be done.

What are your favourite places in BCN?
My favourite places are Passeig de Born, the Bunkers del Carmel and actually whole Gracia where also my favourite restaurant “Intrepid” is located.

What is the absolutely best thing about Barcelona?
Living here, the people, the food and the long nights in Barcelona are really great. There is absolutely no stress, you can sit in restaurants for a long time and have dinner late. And it is great to meet new people, especially young people, every day. It is a very international city.

Is it easy to meet nice people in Barcelona? Have you made friends easily?
It is really easy to meet other people. But mostly they are also from other countries. So you can make many international acquaintances in Barcelona.

What will you miss the most when you are back home?
I will probably miss everything. But especially the serenity but of course also going out, the city and even my work!



Internship at an Travel Agenc in Barcelona







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